Announcing Joomla Extensions by Cory Webb Media

Announcing Joomla Extensions by Cory Webb Media

I am excited to finally announce the launch of Joomla Extensions by Cory Webb Media (a.k.a. CW Extensions). I started working with Joomla back in the Mambo days in 2003, and over the years I have built countless custom extensions for my clients. With CW Extensions I am putting my expertise to work for you by creating and distributing simple, useful extensions that make it easier to build and customize your site with Joomla.

Over the next few days, I will write posts introducing you to each of the extensions that are available and explaining the thought process that went into each one. In the meantime, here is a list of extensions that you can get by joining the CW Extensions club.

  • CW Quick Pages: CW Quick Pages is the quickest way to add a content page in Joomla!. Simply create a CW Quick Pages menu item; add your page content directly in the menu item, and Save. That's all there is to it!
  • CW Quick Blocks: CW Quick Blocks is the easiest way to create a page of module positions, or simply to load a module position within another module. With the component, you no longer have to hide the component output in your template on pages where you just want to display modules. With the module, you can easily nest module positions within a module, creating tabs, sliders, accordions, or any other layout you can come up with.
  • CW Content Image: CW Content Image is a module that displays the image associated with the current page, whether the page is an article or category page, or if it is a tag page, separating the display of the page's content from the page's image.
  • CW Top Secret: CW Top Secret is a plugin for Joomla that prevents access to a site by unauthenticated users except for a designated set of components or menus.
  • CW Whatever: CW Whatever is whatever you want it to be. No really. This component and module do absolutely nothing in the best way possible. CW Whatever is free and can be downloaded without joining the CW Extensions club.
  • CW So Meta: CW So Meta (short for "Social Meta") is a plugin for Joomla that automatically adds social meta tags to every page on your site. CW So Meta is free and can be downloaded without joining the CW Extensions club.

Each extension is well documented to make it easy for you to get the most out of them. Each extension is licensed under the GPL in compliance with Joomla's license, so you are free to use the code in accordance with that license.

My goal with CW Extensions is to develop and distribute extensions that are simple and useful. These are extensions that I have used in production projects, and will continue to use. I will add to the roster of extensions in the club as I come up with new ideas or a new need arises, and as a member you will benefit from those new extensions at no extra cost to your current subscription.

The first 100 people to join using the coupon code "cwfirst100" get 20% off of their subscription.

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